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What is my origin? What planet am I from? Am I Blu-ray at all?

What is my purpose or a bigger missions right now?

What is my connection to Archangel Metatron, Isis, Saint Germain

I was 570 pounds at one time. Is my journey with weight over? Can it be now?

What was happening to make my meridians and my brain go off-balance and I had to keep putting it back together through body code. What was this all about. I found a way to dissolve those and balances. But from a higher perspective what was that about? What is my new method successful?

Can I get a full body scan with a complete restoration of my memory short-term and long-term and any healing that needs to be done. Especially with my varicose veins and arteries. My right leg

Wally... twin flame appears in my third eye all the time. I’m under the impression he is about to come in. When?

Can you tell me a little bit about Aleycia my only daughter? Her role? Her journey? Anything you can tell me.

I have a filter on my third eye. Where I can see but not clear enough. I would like to have it dissolved or at least lessened at this time. Does my higher self think that I’m ready for that and if not can it be lessened.

I was looking out the window of a spaceship which sometimes my guides had let me do or somebody let me do. It was pretty new to me at the time as I was enjoying looking out through the window of the spaceship someone put a bag over my head and yanked me back. Can you tell me what that was about?